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Kangaroo Kids

Kangaroo KidsThe first Kangaroo Kids branch openend in 1993. Today Kangaroo Kids operates in a total of 49 branches in Mumbai, Delhi, Noida, Jaipur, Kanpur, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Baroda, Punjabi Baug, Ludhiana, Hyderabad, Surat, Bhopal, Vallabh Vidyanagar, Kolkata and Dubai and is continually growing.

The founder of Kangaroo Kids is an Australian National, who has not only undergone extensive training in Melbourne, Australia but also ensures that her training is continously updated.

Kangaroo Kids is recognized by mainstream schools as a preschool that operates innovative teaching methods, which in turn produces confident, creative and eager learners.

Due the reputation of Kangaroo Kids preschool and Gymbaroo - "The Kangaroo Kids Club", we have received a coverage on various television channels including B.B.C., ZEE TV and Star Plus; in periodicals such as India Today, Insidide Outside, Savvy, Abhiyaan, Chitralekha, Business Today, M-Power, Society and Current; and in various newspapers such as Times of India, Bombay Times, Indian Express, The Afternoon, Mid-Day, Turning Point, The Metropolis, NCR Tribune, The Asian Age, Economic Times and Current Special.

Our Infrastructure:
Kangaroo Kids has put together a strong and diligent team of teachers, centre directors, and curriculum programmers. Our Curriculum team is dedicated to creating  exciting teaching resources, detailed curriculum and the training of teaching itself. The curriculum and methodology is constantly updated to keep pace with changes in educational research.

Equipment is also updated and upgraded in order to implement the changes that occur in the curriculum. Apart from the material designed in-house specifically to suit our programs, Kangaroo Kids also imports a large range of commercially produced resources and manipulative equipment.

Our Centres:
All our cetres are vibrant and learner friendly. Each centre has excellent facilities. Each centre adheres to strong guidelines as set out by the Kangaroo Kids Head Office. Our structure is standardized so that each centre operates in the same manner.

Class Size:
AT Kangaroo Kids our class numbers are small and teacher/student ratios are maintained at 1:6 for children below 21/2 and 1:8 for children above 21/2 . This allows for our programs and activities to be child centered.

Concept Development:
Our teaching methodology is based on the undisputed premise that children enjoy learning through play, hands on activities and interaction with others. Kangaroo Kids formulates the teaching of concepts through activities, songs and games and a variety of hands-on-experiences through which children can explore and learn about the world around them.

Formal Work Preparation:
(Reading, Math)

Reading is the foundation for all learning, if a child is successful in reading, all other learning becomes easier. Skilled reading is a complex process requiring us to do many things at once and is based on a firm foundation in phonological awareness, knowledge between sounds and letters as well as visual memory. Kangaroo Kids has evolved a multi-sensory reading program that keeps in mind that children learn through their senses. A wide variety of exciting activities also help children acquire pre-reading and reading skills.

Mathematical Concepts:
A wide range of activities are built into the program to provide children with meaningful experience in problem solving, number usage and a practical application of initial number concepts. Our maths programs allow for hands-on exploration, active investigation and the use of manipulatives.

Field Trips:
Since children learn best through direct experiences, Kangaroo Kids organizes opportunities for children to learn by seeing, feeling and doing. Through these experiences, children establish their understanding as well as acquire the social, intellectual and physical skills necessary for the development of meaningful concepts. Excursions combined with seeing and doing are vital components of any early education program.

Kangaroo Kids organizes outdoor field trips like visits to fire station, supermarket and petrol station for younger age groups. Visits to a school for the blind, Optician, Dentist, Air Works, Science Centre and Zoo are just a sample of the various field trips for our older children (Jr. KG & Sr. KG). Field trips differ according to the age, syllabus and maturity level of students.

Many "in-house" field trips are also organized. Children of Kangaroo Kids as well as neighboring mainstream schools benefit from our in-house programs such as Marine Days, Farm Days, Insect and Reptile Day to name a few. They also benefit from the many visitors who come to visit us (such as Dhobi, Hairdresser, Doctor, Bakers).

Motor Activities:
Kangaroo Kids provides opportunities for children to develop coordinated skills in a safe non-threatening environment. By taking part in structured play situations both, indoors and outdoors, children are offered a chance to try out new skills as well as practice familiar ones. Motor activities, woven into the curriculum teach and reinforce skills such as balance, hand-eye co-ordination, rhythm, and the manual dexterity necessary to color, draw and write. As children gain control over their bodies and its movements, each child's self esteem and confidence grows stronger.

Motor activity sessions consist of both fine and gross movements, as well as Perceptual Motor Program (PMP). This program is designed to stimulate the sensory motor system and integrate it with the child's brain, which helps to fast tract the ability to sort, organize, and put messages together. These sessions are important for full development of the nervous system and intellectual potential. The program has shown remarkable results & has helped children to achieve accelerated learning, improved co-ordination, and an improved ability to focus on tasks.

Music & Movement & Dramatic Play:
Music and Movement sessions result in longer attention span, sharper listening abilities and the development of language/vocabulary skills. In addition to the skills developed, music and movement sessions are a period of great enjoyment for children.

Creative Arts:
The visual arts fulfill an essential need in children to explore and organize their world. The acts of drawing, painting, and shaping objects teach children important new ways of thinking , of creating and of communicating with images as well as with words.


Theme Based Learning System
Theme Based Learning System - Kangaroo Kids Pre-School

Multiple Intellegence System
Multiple Intellegence System at Kangaroo Kids Pre-School